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A little bit about us...

The idea of a guesthouse is always far more romantic than the reality… but the journey from conception until now has been fantastic. We have met so many wonderful people, and we have such a rich tapestry of experiences and anecdotes that we wouldn’t trade our lifestyle for any other.  After spending some time abroad, and living and working in London for 3 years we learned to truly appreciate the vibrant South African culture, and rugged, dramatic beauty of our land.

In short we were homesick and decided to return to Cape Town to persue our dream of starting a guest house. Muizenberg is a wonderful base from which to explore the rest of Cape Town and life here is full of the beauty of nature that surrounds us daily. The people in the South Peninsula are warm, welcoming, and creative; and are interested in living a healthy lifestyle and conserving and protecting our environment. When we first bought the house in 2002 we knew that it was the start of something truly special.


I grew up around the corner and so did my parents and grandparents. I love this area because I love to surf and I love butterflies and these are things I can enjoy in my back garden!  I have worked in hospitality since I left school and have a good understanding of our clients' needs. I enjoy helping  our guests to experience and create fantastic memories of their stay in our beautiful city. Taryn and I started Bluebottle Guesthouse in 2002 and we have built it into a wonderful space in which guests can relax and enjoy themselves. I am also part of a team of custodians that look after and assess the status of South Africa’s endangered butterflies and have been the chairman of Lepsoc Africa’s Western Cape branch since 2008. Butterflies keep me busy in summer, as does surfing in winter, and the rest of my time is happily spent with my amazing, crazy family!




"I was born in Cape Town, but grew up in Johannesburg, returning to the Cape to study Graphic Design at Stellenbosch University. I met Andrew on a bus from Johannesburg to Cape Town and love took us on a grand adventure from that journey onto many others. Creativity is what really fuels me and I am inspired by the vivid colours and beauty of our natural world. Mosaic, painting, illustration, photography, interior design, furniture restoration, needlework  - you name it – I love it … now to invent that time machine!  Another passion of mine is my children –  two beautiful souls; my son Sasha and my daughter Charlotte; who fill our lives with happiness laughter and adventure .. and a few challenges here and there! We all love the ocean and surfing and are so happy to be together as a family in this beautiful corner of the world."

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